BECAUSE OF THE EXTREME LOCKDOWN MEASURES IN PLACE IN UGANDA at this time, food has become very scarce and very expensive in Eastern Uganda. One of the groups that are struggling the most with this challenge are the older, weaker pastors in the area who are without a congregation to help them, and not strong enough to tend to their gardens. We are aware of one such pastor who, being unable to find food, even from his immediate family who were also without food, went home, locked his bedroom door, and was resigned to lie down and die of starvation. 

     One of the younger pastors we work with regularly became aware of this situation, located some rice and beans to share with this severely weakened pastor, and was able to restore him to health and strength. 

     There are many more faithful servants of God's kingdom in similar condition, and we are committed to help as much as we are able. A kilo (2.2 lbs.) of rice costs a dollar; a kilo of beans costs about $1.10. A little bit of our resources can go a long way towards helping, and we would like to assist these pastors who have served in their churches faithfully for many, many years. 

     Our hope is that with your generosity we will be able to provide many of these faithful shepherds with their "daily bread."

     THANK YOU!!

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