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Emergency Relief
Boys Dorm Fire
New Hope Vocational Institute
Kyenjojo District, Uganda

Our goal is to help raise $10,000 to address immediate needs and your gift can help! 


The dormitory home for 50 vulnerable and orphaned boys burned early morning, Wednesday, February 16. Thankfully, all 50 boys and 4 staff members were having breakfast and noone was hurt. Now, they are left with nothing more than the clothes they were wearing to breakfast. All personal items, family pictures and school supplies are lost forever.

Will you help us provide emergency relief to replace bedding, toiletries, clothing and supplies? 

$40 - a mattress for one of the boys

$75 - toiletries and clothes for one of the boys

$200 - bed, mattress, sheets, blankets, and a suitcase for one of the boys 

We appreciate any amount you can contribute. 


ThinSpace Africa, PO Box 7471, Burbank, CA 91505

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