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     It started with Sandy and Will Bredberg who first traveled to Africa in 2006 to accompany and encourage a family that was adopting an 8 year old girl named Jane from the village of Kaihura, Uganda. The process took about a month, and during that time they fell in love with the country, the people, and with Jane's' home village. 

     During many long conversations while there in Uganda, as they were unplugged from busy lives in California, they came to an important realization:  There was no way they could ever make a dent in solving the myriad problems of such a huge and troubled continent. BUT, it might be possible for a few families with a lot of passion to make a measurable difference by focusing resources on a more confined geographic area. Kaihura was that perfect place. They returned the following year with a few friends to help where needed; and the year after that with a few more. From there, the passion grew, and the vision grew.

     ThinSpace Africa is the result of many good friends over the years lending their expertise, their time and their treasure to help follow the dream we had envisioned back in 2006.


     Kaihura now has clean, running water, a 3500 square foot medical clinic, a crisis pregnancy program, vocational training for young men and women, a farm to help support and feed the children who live at the Home Again Orphanage, opportunities for education, and other programs designed to build a sustainable livelihood for local families.

     Over the 1 year period that we have been involved, we have seen young men and women graduate from college or learn a vocation that enables them to support themselves and their families. We have seen injuries that would have otherwise gone untreated receive care that resulted in full recovery. Abandoned babies have been taken in and have received nurturing love. Prior to the existence of Future Hope Crisis Pregnancy Center, pregnant teenagers would have faced an unsafe delivery and a life of poverty. They now have access to competent medical care and support for raising their infants, and opportunities for continuing their education, as well. 

     We have had the blessing of touching lives in Kaihura, and there are other villages like it in the beautiful country of Uganda. Will you join with us as we spread the love of Jesus, one life and one family, one village at a time?


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