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          Partnering Alongside African Leaders  
                    "Earth is the staging ground for what takes place between heaven and earth." E. Peterson

As we come alongside leaders in Africa, we invite you to come alongside of us. You may desire to support an individual who is traveling with our next team to Uganda. Or, you may want to help support one of the projects with which we are engaged. Either way, your assistance is  very significant to the success of our mission.​

There are those that "go," and those that "send." Both elements are essential to our African partnerships. 


Which one are you?  


Africa is a very large continent, with an enormous number of challenges.  But, you can make a meaningful difference in ways where you will actually see the results- one life, one family at a time.

We partner with selected organizations and individuals in Africa who are engaged in transforming their communities, one life, one family at a time. We seek to help--

  • Relieve the suffering of poverty and disease.

  • Care for widows, orphans,  and others in need.

  • Stabilize and strengthen marriages and families.

  • Train pastors to better understand and teach the Word of God.

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